Autism and Holidays – Top 15 Shopping List

Wireless Headphones

I get lots of questions about holiday gift ideas from families who have children on the autism spectrum. Having five grandchildren gives me a great opportunity to hear all about what is considered “hot” in the “kid gift world.” Now that the “political voting season” is over, all the TV ads will begin competing with […]

12 Essentials Every Classroom Must Have for Autism & Asperger’s Success


The good news is that we know a lot about how to help our students on the Autism Spectrum become successful at school. Here’s my list of “must haves” for every classroom with students with ASD. Use it as a checklist for your setting. One thing that we know is that the majority of students […]

Ride it out for the rest of the year?????

mom yell at son

I was consulting with Eric’s family last week.  Things are not going well.  Parent-teacher conferences reveal that his behavior is getting worse.  His participation in the classroom is not good.  Teacher is getting worn out. Here is their concern What parents are really worried about is that the teacher is going to “give up.”  They […]

Diets and Visual Strategies??? test

photo ice cream sundae

I was doing a workshop recently and asked for some feedback from the group. One of the participants commented, “Well, I just got a swift kick in the b___.” Really? We started to talk. She’s a “believer” in visual strategies. She uses them. But what she realized during the course of the workshop is that […]

Don’t Forget to Use Video – 5 Tips


Don’t Forget to Use Video Video is a powerful visual tool for students on the autism spectrum. Since new electronics are common gifts during the holiday season that means parents and teachers will have more video possibilities to explore. Most of the latest phones and tablets have video capabilities with much better video quality than […]

I dropped it in the toilet!

This is a “sad” story with a very happy ending. Flying to California.  While I was talking on my cell phone, they were getting ready to shut the plane doors for take off.  I decided to rush to the bathroom before I had to get belted in.  (That was a decision based on experience.  I’ve […]

IPad Mini on your list? MUST read


Of course, the new iPad Mini is going to be a “hot” item this season.   It’s a little smaller and a little cheaper than the full size iPad.  Still, it has all the important features – camera and video – and according to the Apple website . . . apps made for iPad also work […]

Avoid Transition Troubles

Want to avoid transition troubles? Starting a new school year can be a time of great relief for many of us. After all those “lazy days of summer” it can feel really good to get back into the nice predictable routine that a new school year offers. Unfortunately, starting a new school year can be […]

More Visual Strategies Storage Ideas

One of the most common questions I receive about using visual strategies is, “How do you store your pictures?” Once people get involved in the process, storage becomes an important consideration. Pictures have to be easy to access. If you can’t find what you want when you want it, you’ll give up. Here’s one of […]

Temple Grandin – Asperger’s – Different Not Less

Different Not Less

I was talking with a friend recently.  She knows a lot about autism.  Our discussion led to some sharing about an incident with one of her family members.  During the conversation she commented, “He’s never been diagnosed, but I’m sure he has Asperger’s.” That discussion made me think about many, many adults I have talked […]