These timers are invaluable tools to help students learn about the passage of time. Timers are a “must have” for every classroom and every home.


The Time Timers

Do you have students who have difficulty with transitions? Trouble starting or stopping activities? Difficulty waiting? How about using a visual timer? Remember time is invisible! These timers help students SEE the passage of time. Excellent visual aids to teach the concept of time and time management. These Timers have an optional alarm: the alarm is a quiet beep. If you prefer, you can turn the sound of the alarm off.

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3″ Timer with SOUND – BUY NOW! – $29.95

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8″ Timer with SOUND – BUY NOW! – $34.95

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12″ Timer with SOUND – BUY NOW! – $39.95

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Time Timer CD

Display a timer on your computer screen:

  • On screen size can be altered
  • Optional alarm
  • Easily change from minutes to seconds
  • Measure time in minutes or seconds
  • Start/pause feature
  • Offers a lock-down feature to control the timed period so it cannot be altered by user
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • On screen help page
  • Many uses

The Time Timer (CD) – BUY NOW! – $24.95

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