Autism and Behavior: What would YOU do???

Autism and behavior challenges. It’s so easy to become totally dominated by trying to manage the challenging behaviors that it can feel like being constantly on the defensive rather than on a path toward a positive, successful situation.

Here’s an example

While communicating with a Speech Pathologist recently, the following information was shared about a student with autism who had very challenging behavior.

We know very little about this student. Of course, important information including overall skill level, communication ability, and lots of other details would be needed before developing an appropriate behavior plan.

But I’m wondering if you have an initial reaction

What is the first thing that you think about if you encounter a situation like this?

This is what she shared

  • He was to request 5 pictures while reading a request strip “May I have…..please.
  • Often I am able to get through three requests
  • Then he becomes very physical and begins to pinch and squeeze almost to break my fingers.
  • His assistant also gets the same treatment during speech and in his classroom.
  • This student is in middle school
  • I am thinking that his behavior is beginning to be predictable. “I work and I get to pinch and grab.”

What do YOU think?

  • Where would you begin?
  • What impact does autism have on this event?
  • How would you try to change this situation?
  • What would you consider when setting some goals?
  • What is your “gut” reaction?

So this is obviously a big issue. Are there solutions?

Please comment below to let me know what you think.

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